Simple Solution 

"Some say the secrets in the overlay- others say it's in the EZirc compiler."VIDEO DEMO - Computer Infra-red remote IR  software Onscreen remote.











Learning Remote
Computer Remote 
Remote Control 
Telephone System
Answering Machine   
telephone infrared computer answering system new fast Ultra Remote control. Coda phone software answering machine program infrared computer is new. .IRC files are here. Fast , fun, new learning remote one file button computer program. software control one button answer my phone program. software IR remote. New smart phone IR Software look smart feel free clean graphic on screen display program. software new nomad .irc files learn the is fast PC 2 TV Smart remote control. Today readyware Learning on screen remote control .IRC answering machine full time computer Simple Solutio learning remote computer phone. remot mind is the Smart IR. software programs smart the sun learn "Regular READYWARE."
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 Old Remote !

We know Infrared



IR emitter

IR Target




New:  Animated Hotspots, Hotspots with Sound effects, Fade effects swipe/shatter/roll and more..  Animated .irc's...  

                                                     ( Whekish. IR. !!!  wshew gone)



    My One Button Remote & The Future.  

                      new One Button Remote !



Quick Tour

Quick Tour

 "Some say the secrets in the overlay- others say it's in the EZirc compiler."

Simple Solution 
Simple Solution 
Simple Solution

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