"The Simple Solution"

Basic Idea:
   For you high-end people that use digital routing and DVBS Switchers please hold on we have created another page for you. This is just giving you a basic idea on how the simple solution product will function.       Here we go....

   Let assume the cable TV reception in your area is fantastic and the pictures look great. If you had a wall plate on the wall for Cable TV and you came from that wall plate to the TV the picture would look great. From the wall to the TV..  No Problem... Now if you came out of that same wall plate and went into a VCR and then out of the VCR to the TV the picture would still look great. You can't tell that you went through the VCR.  The VCR is invisible - It's In-Line and it looks like you came straight from the wall plate to the TV. The point here is that a VCR can go in-line and you can't really tell the VCR is there the picture looks great. Now if you go into a computer with video and back out to a TV the picture looks hazy, Chalky, the picture get all washed out.  It's not like a VCR's invisible video through. Now let me tell you about the Simple Solution. The Simple solution is a small USB device that goes in-line before your video in on your TV.  It's Invisible like a VCR so you can't tell you ran through it. This small box has a standard video in and out port,  mini jack audio in, and mini jacks for a IR (infrared) receiver and flashers. What this small device does is very powerful it places the computers desktop over the live video image. Your Computer output is overlaid on top of the live video. Just like when you raise and lower the volume on a TV. ( You get a bar graph showing  the volume level  but this is your entire computer desktop overlaid. )  Now you have the product installed and the computer is on, your video goes in and out, and you have the IR flashers / receiver in place.      Now for the GOOD PART

Just watch TV like normal the picture looks great, But if you move your mouse, like a screensaver up comes your computers desktop overlaid right on top of the video you are watching.  If you don't move the mouse for a few seconds it will timeout and disappear.  Again just like the bar graph when you raise and lower the volume on a TV.

 "Your using the computer and don't even know it!  If you move the mouse the icons and taskbar appear on top of the live video."

Now you can run custom desktop with only the icons you want, like: VCR, A/V Switcher, Cablebox, MP3player, Answering machine software, Ext... When running custom desktop most of the overlaid icons will be .irc files.

.irc Files:
   .irc files consist of a graphical image with real time clickable hotspots and assigned IR. They are the graphical representation of your real audio / video components. When executed these hotspots emit IR infrared in real time. Learned IR or smart IR they can execute a single IR, Marco IR, Timed IR or just point to a program on the system like your software, MP3player or a answering machine program. Everyone clicks now - Click the media player and up comes the skin and your clicking Play, Stop, FFwd, Ect..

.irc files and how they relate.


Mouse Pointer Devices:
   We are not looking to reinvent the mouse or keyboard there are plenty of good IR and RF handheld products on the market. You just don't want to be running over to your desk and using a standard mouse. You really want to be using a wireless handheld pointer device. We like the RemotePoint from Interlink Electronics http://www.interlinkelec.com/products/retail/remotepoint.htm they have some of the finest pointing products around.  We can sell you all this stuff as add-ons but think about a Stickball.  We have been trying to compile a list of various I/O devices like this at the ComputerRemote.com  link http://www.READYWARE.com/ComputerRemote.htm  

You should try some of the small IR keyboards I use. They have a trackball in the upper right corner and buttons in the left. Their awesome. Every TV in my house that goes to channel 40 is my main PC. I use IR repeaters so the keyboard works in all rooms. I bought a keyboard for every room. The moral to this story is: I own a 100 CD disc changer and the truth is I can have a song playing on my PC faster than I can spin the wheel of my disc changer to find the correct CD and get it playing.. I listen to mp3 files in all my rooms all the time. I use PVR products, take phone messages, watch streaming video, surf the internet and it's all on the computer anyway.


Daily Use:
   Lets say you gotten yourself a good 3 button IR mouse - Your sitting on your couch watching TV your using the computer but you can't tell because the picture looks great. Your just watching. If you pickup the mouse and move it, like a screen saver a custom desktop appears as a overlay on top of the live clear video you where watching. This custom desktop has icons VCR, Sat, DVD, Ect... When you double-click one of these icons up comes the skin with all hotspots. Lets go further and say you made your own .irc file skin. It's a skin with no picture at all it's blank with just 2 hotspots. You make a hotspot in the lower right corner of the screen for channel down and another hotspot above it for channel up. That it... If you where running this new .irc file and watching TV, simply move the mouse and no picture or graphic would show up. But if you moved the mouse pointer to the lower right corner where you made that hotspot the pointer would change to a hand and a pop up label could be displayed (Channel Down). Hotspots can have pop-up labels. This is an example of a cloaked skin garneted not to interfere with your components on-screen graphics. The application style guide can be found at: http://www.readyware.com/irchelp.htm 

"The candy that can."
The buzz will be on the street because the product will do exactly what it says it will. Bringing the TV and the PC closer than ever. The Simple Solution  interface has some real licensing poetical, and with HDTV the overlay becomes less and less important the TV is a monitor you just need the .irc remote software interface and IR flashers. One other thing is onboard IR all new motherboards support IR right on them. We will  use the motherboards IR eventually.


Feel it's world:
   We kill webTV just move the mouse click the e. We kill Caller ID on-screen if you have answering machine software and your watching TV when the phone rings the number will come up. It kills the Tivo's / ReplayTV because your on a computer that never dies it just gets upgraded. You think a satellite TV system has radio stations how many radio stations are on the internet and streaming video is just around the corner with the next bump in Online technology. Video phone the whole nine. You can execute IR from the closest web browser using the OS, Laplink, PCAnywhere or others. I can have a custom mouse pointer big,  small these product have nothing to do with the simple solution interface but it brings them all together nicely. I think we clean up all that home automation software without even trying between the TCP/IP networking and infrared execution I think it's done. One real benefit is the ability to e-mail these small .irc files. I can e-mail you the remote for your Sony VCR or others ect.... Creating the largest downloadable database of remotes. I expect custom skin .irc files popping up all over.

Even things like screensavers have new meaning. I have the fireplace screensaver in the winter and the fish tank most of the other time and when people come to my house and  they see the fish tank on my 62" plasma TV  they say How?  The address book and Calendar are right there too. It's all there.. READYWARE  -  "Electronic Personification". We take existing technology and make it better, then we sync it all together to act as one.

 "Simple Solution" - DEMO Video

oh yeah !
How long do you think it will be before the DirecTV or Dish Network receivers are blinking with phone messages. I've used about 1200 different answering machine programs and none come close to my Nomad CTS. I would love to put this inside all satellite receivers.

Please let this all  incubate a bit. Think about getting a Simple Solution IR overlay interface.  I'm in my office Mon.- Sat. after 10:30 EST USA
(954) 941-8883  Jim Blackhall

                                                                      Thank you


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