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Computer Remote   Learning IR   Infra red Smart    Computer TV    windows InfraRed    Control PC
IR remote control computer interfacing Use your computer to control audio/video & other IR devices Controls devices can be programmed to learn up to additional user commands Works with standard IR emitters This is a universal learning infrared remote that can transmit IR commands in response serial signal. It can learn up to 100 commands. The unit can be connected to  a PC The learned IR commands functionality as the original version - but with an expanded and improved IR  library. Systems is your complete resource for infrared remote control systems Turn Your PC into a Learning Infrared Remote Control  IR remote control computer interface IR remote. Infra Red For Remote controllers to computer controlling. your computer your TV's remote control or controlling your VCR using computer IR repeater. IR computer interfacing the computer to IR remote interfacing connect the receiving part Infra Red of the circuit to Infra Red Retransmitters. - For Remote Controllers. IR remote... it's all bits on a Control receive and clean up the signal. easily connected to PC For Remote Control.


Check out the support for IR skin transferring and all other technical support you might need.
These remote control .irc files require the use of the Simple Solution.
You can have your own custom .irc files up and running in no time. Please E-Mail  me the .irc files you create. PostMyIRC@READYWARE.net  I will personally try them - then upload to this on-line archive for the whole world to use.HOME


Before you start programming, please read the Application Style Guide to learn how to create your own On-Screen components & .irc's.
Visit our Technical Library and read how to get started with the Simple Solution.