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The purpose and objective of ComputerRemote.com is to protect and preserve the infrared remote control in a .irc file form never to be lost or broken again. Please be sure to visit our main ComputerRemote.com link click here.  My computer and IR (infrared). IR from your remote to floppy diskette in seconds ! Throw your old remote in the garbage forever. Growing  tradition to develop, restore, maintain and promote public interest in IR handling. Remember members log on to READYWARE.net and our directors meeting is the 2nd Thursday of each month. Join Today !



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Tips & tricks on capturing IR.

windows remote See some on line articles about IR. Training, and Learning  library. 

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IRTuner Project (SourceForge): The IRTuner module provides plug-in support for infrared devices as remote controls for things like VCRs, TVs, and cable boxes.  A variety of IR blaster devices are supported -- the Actisys ACT-IR200L and the RedRat2 (support is coming soon). [SourceForge webpage]

RedRat Tuner Module (by Daniel Broad): soon to be integrated into the IRTuner project (see above), the RedRat Tuner Module gives you instant support for the RedRat2 in SnapStream. [webpage | download]





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Initiate events with IR signals with this 2-way learning IR controller with a 250-command capacity (expandable to 500). Compatible with TimeCommander (Plus) or Stargate, this unit offers 4 zoned output ports, which drive up to 4 standard IR emitters each (use an amplified connecting block for more emitters).
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