10 Device Universal Learning Remote with Customizable LCD Touch Screen
Item Number: SRC-2000

  • Operates: TV, VCR, AMP, DVD, Satellite, VCD, CD, TUNER, Laser Disc, Aux.
  • All touch-screen menus and buttons can be sized, labeled and assigned to fit your need
  • Large touch-screen display with automatic backlighting and an adjustable light sensor level for easy visibility in low lighting
  • 7 direct access rubber buttons for frequently used functions (Power, volume, channel, play, mute, and stop)
  • Macro button stores 12 macros, each macro can store up to 25 commands
  • 12 separate timers to automatically send commands at exactly the time you set
  • Pop-up information screen provides time, date and battery-life information
  • Uses the IR (infrared) codes - quick and easy to learn from existing remote controls
  • Operation distance 32.8 feet (10 meters)
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries



Docking Station for SRC-2000 Remote
Item Number: SDS-2000DBC

  • Stores and recharges SRC-2000 remote vertically
  • Provides connection point for transmission link cable and programming software
  • Includes docking station for remote, AC adapter and 3 AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries



Programming Software and Transmission Link for SRC-2000 Remote
Item Number: SDS-2000SL
  • Software and data link connecting docking and remote to PC
  • Cable can also be used to duplicate a loaded remote's functions and operations to another remote with a second docking station
  • Software loads and captures remote's functions and operations on a PC
  • Includes programming software and transmission link cable